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Developing Software Tools for the building services industry since 1991.

Software Tools

Its founder, Andrew Crabtree, has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Sciences from Cambridge University in UK, and has worked in the Building Services industry in Australia since 1970.

Software developments prior to 2007 comprised both packaged software design tools and custom-built software programs for equipment manufacturers and suppliers to assist them in model selection and component selection to meet specified performance requirements. Notable among the packaged software tools is CoilPac, a program to enable engineers to select and/or determine the performance of cooling and heating coils.

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The Origin of iSynapse

In 2007 Andrew put aside any new software development and joined IBMS Pty Ltd in Perth, WA, to establish their Building Services Commissioning Management Division. A significant component of the Commissioning process is post-occupancy building tuning and it was the difficulties in obtaining building performance data and then analysing it which inspired Andrew to commence the development of iSynapse after retiring from IBMS in 2014.

iSynapse was released in 2017 and further enhancement of its features and capabilities in response to user needs will be our prime goal over the next few years. Meanwhile we are also maintaining ongoing support for CoilPac.

Origin of iSynapse