iSynapse | Energy Monitoring System

Let your building tell you how it feels, where it hurts and how to fix it!

Still splitting hairs over your last energy bill? Let the iSynapse smart energy monitoring system show you how much energy you’re really using and where you are using it. And what you can do to scratch a few zeroes off your energy bill.

Loaded with powerful diagnostic tools, iSynapse “drills down” into every system in your building to measure its performance and energy-efficiency. The system also provides custom fault-finding reports telling you if a selected area or floor is exceeding zone temperature limits.

If the system finds any issues, it can drill down further to scope out the root cause of the problem and tell you how to fix it.

Energy Saving Made Easy

iSynapse analytics and reporting software is ideal for building owners and managers, building service engineers, commissioning/tuning engineers, maintenance engineers and tenants.

Here are just some of the many ways that iSynapse can benefit your business:

  • Reduce Energy Bills

iSynapse energy monitoring system is equipped with powerful diagnostic tools that provide both cumulative and monthly data of your energy usage. The total energy amount is broken down into easy-to-measure Energy Groups. So you can quickly find ways to address areas of weak performance and improve your building’s energy-efficiency.

  • Keep your tenants happy

Synapse scans all of the HVAC zones in your building and analyses whether temperatures fall within design and/or comfort conditions. It will identify non-compliant zones and determine the cause of the non-compliance so that it can be fixed before it becomes a problem

  • Easy to Integrate

iSynapse is a Windows program and can be installed on any PC running Windows 7 or higher. It extracts its data from the BMS History Database and is also compatible with other building service systems such as lighting control, lifts and security. With eyes on all of your HVAC equipment and other utilities – you can see the bigger picture anytime, anywhere.

  • Stay Up to Code

iSynapse can collect and analyse the performance data of HVAC equipment to figure out if zone temperatures meet or exceed acceptable limits. It can assess the performance of various HVAC equipment such as VAV boxes, chilled beams, fan-coil units, air handling units, chilled water and water heating systems.

  • User-Friendly and Intuitive

Customised reports can be easily added by the user with drag & drop convenience to examine any aspect of systems operation over any time range with tabular data display or a wide range of chart types. All reports can be assembled into report sets which can be distributed by email to selected recipients on a user-defined schedule.

  • 100% Secure

All secured data is stored in a dedicated SQL server which can be accessed via the local PC or shared network connection. The database is regularly updated to ensure the is up to date.

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12-Month Full Operation License

iSynapse licences are available on an annual subscription basis which includes:

  • Installation on an unlimited number of computers
  • 12 months full operation of the software from date of installation or licence renewal
  • 12 months email support for user assistance and issue debugging

Got any questions? Crabtree Software is available Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm) to answer all of your questions. For more information about iSynapse energy monitoring system, contact Crabtree Software on (+61) 8 9389 5032.