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CoilPac is a powerful coil calculation software tool first launched in 1995. From the comfort of just one platform, you can quickly calculate the theoretical performance of an air cooling or heating coil based on ARI 410-1991.

This versatile software has two operating modes. When set to ‘Rating’ mode the system can determine the performance output based on specified input parameters. While the ‘Selection’ mode can determine the coil configuration and water flows required to meet the chosen performance requirements.

Over 23 Years of Engineering Perfection

With over 23 years of research and development CoilPac has evolved to support a growing number of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Today CoilPac is available in four powerful versions each with different enhancements and functionality to suit your needs.

CoilPac is designed primarily for water and glycol coils for cooling and heating. It also includes limited capability for direct-expansion cooling coils and condensers but refrigerant options are restricted.

Better still, CoilPac calculation software goes one step further by including extra provisions for certain refrigerant evaporators and condensers.

Lifetime Licenses

Enjoy lifetime access to CoilPac with just one easy down payment.

With each purchase of the license you can install the software on up to 3 computers. So whether you need to collaborate with other users, use the software at multiple locations at work, or work from home – you can do it all with a single license.

At a fraction of the original cost, you can also buy extra licenses to re-install onto new computers, or add the software to more computers.

Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLL)

Want to integrate CoilPac into your third-party software? No problem. It’s easy to integrate CoilPac into your current equipment selection software. Our flexible and user-friendly software can be integrated in the following ways:

  • CoilPac2 DLL: This offers the coil rating and selection functionality of CoilPac Version 2
  • CoilPac3 DLL: This offers the coil rating and selection functionality of CoilPac Version 3

Any license sold for either of the above DLLs are subject to a special signed commitment. For more information please refer to CoilPac DLLs.

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