buildings performance data

How it connects

iSynapse maintains an SQL Server database to store a buildings performance data. This database can be local on the machine on which the software is running or in a remote or networked location where it may be accessed by multiple users.

The performance data is periodically uploaded to the iSynapse database from one or more trend log data sources within the building. The nature of the data source and the interface through which it is uploaded varies depending on the type of ELV control system installed.

Many systems utilise a SQL Server (or similar) history database to store trend data and this can easily be accessed by iSynapse. Other systems require an Application Programming Interface (API) provided by the system manufacturer to access the data; the API provides a satisfactory alternative but is often significantly slower in the data exchange.

It is important to note that iSynapse only uploads data from the building’s databases – it does not affect the contents of the databases nor does it impolement any changes to the installed system.

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