What Our Clients Say.

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iSynapse has been installed in one of the buildings I managed for several months and has provided invaluable information on system performance and energy usage. It has enabled us to reverse a declining NABERS Energy Rating and identify and to implement several strategies to improve it. It also helps greatly to identify issues before they become a problem.

Nick Lythgoe

Facilities Manager, Perth

I have been using Coilpac to successfully design and rate coils for twenty years. In that time, Coilpac has become an industry standard due to its versatility, ease of use, and value for money. I highly recommend this program for coil designers and coil end users.

Bradley Nel

Director of Coldwright Pty Ltd

We are using iSynapse for a major Precinct Heating and Cooling plant in Perth. I have found the automatic reporting invaluable in assessing and optimising the plant operation and efficiency. Its graphic capabilities, control loop analysis and automatic calculation of chiller and system COP and efficiencies make it a very productive tool and provides an independent review of the systems efficiency. This has supported the validity of reporting to the Client.


Senior Services Manager, Multiplex